Not much

Has been going on!  Don’t mean to leave anyone out of the loop, but after getting a sinus infection I was on antiobiotcs for 10 days and not doing much of anything!  It’s August now and the season is winding down but I will possibly get in a few more races….then it’s the off season that is always appreciated and another winter of training.  Like in February when all I can think about is racing my bike, right now my mind is turning from racing towards 5 hour winter rides.



New phone, too



Yep, I finally got a new phone, and it’s not another flip phone. Those who know me well will realize what a big deal it is that I finally gave up one of my flip phones and joined the rest of my generation by getting an Ipod. Yes, I have already lost any desire for social interaction while I browse through instagram, twitter, facebook, email and whatever else my heart desires, constantly there at my fingertips.

In my rest periods from social media-ing, I’ve been training some too. You never know till you get in the race, but that feels like it’s been going pretty well. Let’s hope so, as Saturday I head to Oregon for Cascade. Paco is the two-time defending champion so I think I know what I’ll be doing next week…….let’s hope anyway.

Typed on my new laptop

Like my teammate Jim, I also needed a new laptop after our Canadian adventure.  Mine died of more natural causes though, while his was crushed by a brightly-wrapped Toyota with a Spanish man at the wheel.  So, anyways, this post is being typed from my new laptop.  I’m not going to tell you the brand or the store I bought it at, because those companies do nothing to make my life better.  Unlike, say, my Devinci bike, or my Kenda tires that make riding on rough Macon roads more comfortable.

Anyways, winds of change around here. New laptop, considering getting a smartphone…things are getting pretty interesting in my life. One thing that doesn’t change is that I’m riding my bike. After the mandatory Beauce recovery (it was hard, and our whole team got sick as well, see twitter for amusing comments on that), I have found myself with a bit of form. Well, I hope.

Next race is the Cascade Classic running July 16-21. We’re probably all pretty motivated to wash the bad taste of losing Beauce on the last day out of our mouths. Let’s hope we can do it!


Tour de Beauce

Tour de Beauce was a great race and definitely takes a spot among my favorite races in North America.  The organization was great, all the stages were tough, and the hotel was the best of the year so far (not to mention the food).  

At 5 Hour/Kenda we’d have what I’d describe as a heartbreaking race.  On day 1 Jim got caught with 5ks to go after an all day break.  The next day, Bobby got caught with 200 meters to go after the same effort!  I was so sad for both those guys.  

On the third day our man Paco came through big with a mtn top finish win, and the GC lead.  He managed to keep that in the TT which set up a lot of work for us defending his 5 second lead.  Stage 5 we did a great job keeping the jersey, but stage 6 we succumbed to the pressure from multiple teams and lost the race in the closing laps of a tough circuit race.  It was hard for all of us, but we’ll be back looking to win Cascade.  


quick update

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m on the roster to start Tour de Beauce here in Quebec, Canada on Tuesday.  US Pro and Philly were great races, had their ups and downs but I’ll update more later.  Sorry for falling out of touch for a few weeks and thanks for reading!  more soon.

Lying low


A few photos from recently-one of my favorite’s from Gila sandwiched by pictures of what Will and I do when we are bored and hungry in the mountains.  Yes, those are homemade tortillas in the last picture.

I picked up a small cold after Gila so spent last week mostly recovering from that, not to mention the race and travel.  A few days off followed by some easy rides were in order.  After that, it’s been back into training-always a shock to the body after so many easy days in a row.  Still, I feel pretty good.  Coming up I have US Pro in Chattanooga, TN on May 25th and 27th followed by Philadelphia on June 2nd.  As (almost) always, looking forward to getting back in the races.


Two years ago we were reminded that the beauty of the Giro D’Italia and Professional Cycling as a whole doesn’t hold a candle to the beauty of human life.  Rest in Peace, and my safest wishes for everyone, in the peloton and elsewhere.